Slow recovery, wound care and understanding the feeling of helplessness


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Lets  face it diabetes sucks, I  Worked hard my entire life as a industrial electrician, and at age 60 found out diabetes,severe neuropathy had affected me to such a point  had to retire, got an ulcer on my foot, wouldn't heel, at this point my pride took over, I'm a tough guy, I'll  slow down but I  won't sit on the couch so it can heel, wrong, I've  had 2 surgeries half my left foot gone. The worst thing is overall body strength gone,long recovery and wound care.1 1/2 yrs. of doctors and the pain and feeling bad because I couldn't do anything,43 yrs. Of marriage and always taking care of my family and then my wife had to step up and do everything. This can really mess with your mind, I'd  cry and apologize  to her and she would say, honey it's my turn now.  She got concerned because I wasn't  healing, starting getting ulcers on my ankles, she said that's enough, doctors are not helping, my boys wife talked to her grandmother, a retired surgical nurse specialized  in wound care, she call my wy an told her to stop all antibiotics and crap and start a pure raw honey therapy, sounded crazy  BUT IT WORKED!!!!. Take a bowl of warm water mix in 1 tspn. Pure raw honey, wash down affected areas, liberally coat areas with honey apply gauze pad, wrap with stretch  roll gauze,do this every 24 hours, bacteria  can't survive in honey honey produces it's own antiseptics, reduces pain and inflammation, my doctors draw dropped when she saw results after just two and a half weeks but said it couldn't be the honey,lm attaching 2 photos, before/after , you tell me, is it worth a shot for you? Let me know

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Slow recovery, wound care and understanding the feeling of helplessness

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Hi @Yorkylover1‍, thank you for sharing what you've been through! It can be hard acknowledging that we need help with a chronic illness. I'm glad to hear you had your wife to support you, it sounds like she really helped you through a difficult time!

Can anyone else to relate to what Yorkylover1 was feeling? Have you ever felt "helpless" when faced with your diabetes? Who did you go to for support?

Feel free to share your thoughts here!

Take care,

Slow recovery, wound care and understanding the feeling of helplessness

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There was no one in my immediate family with diabetes,  so I joined a diabetes support/educational group at my local hospital.   I met wonderful friends,  educated myself, enrolled in a nutrion/dietitian class and got on board.  Depression came about & that was a whole other issue to deal with.  I take everything one day at a time and deal with it all.  

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