Dailysis and teeth falling out and thinning of enamel


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I have been on dialysis for many years and I have lost teeth as a result and my remaining teeth is having enamel loss.

I did not keep up with the dentist for several years while I was on dialysis and I am afraid this is what caused all of this damage. When I returned to the dentist, I was informed of my issues and had to have some teeth removed. Despite using pro-enamel tooth paste my teeth or super sensitive to cold or heat and thinning.

Has had anyone else had similar issues? How did you resolve this? 

I am hopeful for some advice and support! Thank you.

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Dailysis and teeth falling out and thinning of enamel

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@dialysisme‍ My cousin was on dialysis when he was a child and went for what I believe was many years until he had a kidney transplant. I do not remember him loosing any teeth because of it. However, he may have and it was just never mentioned. I remember going through dialysis was a lot for him, so I wish you strength through this journey and resiliency my friend.