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Hello everyone,

There are a various of reasons why individuals may need dialysis, but kidney failure is the most common.

Kidney function can decline quickly or slowly: acute kidney failure / chronic kidney failure and chronic kidney disease.

Dialysis, depending on the reason, can be short-term or long-term, but with either, dialysis can cause signficant life changes to individuals.

Please share with others your experience and story with dialysis treatment

+ what is your diagnosis? When were you diagnosed?

+ when did you begin dialysis? Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis?

+ how often do you need dialysis?

+ how has dialysis affected your daily life?

+ what has been the greatest life-style change?

+ In some cases, kidney function can improve, has yours? 

Beginning of the discussion - 3/13/19

Share your experience with dialysis...

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I can remember my cousin, as a child, needing dialysis... going multiple times a week for years, until he was blessed enough to have a kidney transplant. He is now in his mid 40's and healthy.  The greatest life-style change for him during dialysis was his inability to enjoy the many things young children do, as in activities, food, etc. do to constant dialysis.

However, the dialisys caused him to experience severe xerosis and then later scars from constant itching... he has what looks like acne scar around his chin... which affected his self-confidence during his teen years and into young adulthood; however, he has since embraced it and is very sociable and living a good healthy life.

Share your experience with dialysis...

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 hemodialysis and it makes me helpless, dependent, and that I have a lack in the control of my life. I experience bouts of depression and anxiety - mostly about the quality of my life and the future. I know without dialysis I would not be alive, so I am thankful though.