Thoughts? Recurrent throat and ear pain for 8 months - could be cancer?

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I’m a 47 year old male. I have had recurrent throat pain and ear pain predominately on one side for approximately a year 8 months. In June 2018, I had a CT scan which indicated a possible 2 cm lesion in my left neck area but the radiologist could not confirm as to exactly what is was. In August 2018, an ENT did a laparoscopy and saw an irritated spot in my esophagus which he biopsied and is was negative for cancer and he attributes it to acid reflux. No tumors were found during this procedure. I was then referred to another ENT who has done an endoscopy everytime I’m in his office. I have at least 5 done in his office and most recently I got one done last week. He tried a nerve block but that did not relieve the pain. He ordered another CT scan for completeness not for anything ominous he said. He told me he sees absolutely nothing. He also informed me that if indeed it was cancer it would not remain dormant this long without being visible. I’m at a lost. I do have tinnitus and hear a constant ringing in my ears everyday. The only relief I get from the pain is if I take an ambien which I don’t like taking. I’m trying not to be neurotic but should I find solace that I’ve had these symptoms so long and nothing has surfaced. Was a laparoscopy not enough? Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Thoughts? Recurrent throat and ear pain for 8 months - could be cancer?

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 @Jgtwentytwo‍ I wish I had a better answer or knowledge for you, but I will tell you this... many people diagnosed with cancer were misdiagnosed or not diagnosed before they finally were diagnosed. Many people with cancer saw more than one doctor and got different opinions for their complaints... sometimes this was with an oncologist, but sometimes the symptoms got the individual referred to a different type of doctor and it was a journey till diagnosis. You will see this in the forums and testimonials through members sharing their experiences.

If you are in pain and there is no answer, I would continue trying to figure out what is causing the pain, even if it means going to a different doctor... regardless if it is cancer or some thing else, but pain is not a normal body symptom. 

Just my 2 cents.

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