Stressing, how do you stay calm?

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I have not been officially diagnosed but I'm so scared I have cervical cancer. I have all of the symptoms plus some. I'm waiting on the results of my blood work and pap smear.

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Stressing, how do you stay calm?

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@DaniGirl‍ ... I am so sorry to hear about your concern. Waiting on the results is one of the more stressful times because you have so many concerns and worries running through your mind that your body and mind is completely filled with anxiety.

Not thinking about it is not possible... it is not realistic. 

When will you receive your results? In the meantime, I would encourage you to stay busy or keep your mind occupied... when you do this it helps your mind not focus on your worries. When you go to sleep, same thing, try and keep your mind occupied because that is the time your mind will wonder also, preventing you from getting rest... which is what your body needs. I would encourage you to read an interesting book (if that will eventually become drowsy), or watch a show that you kind of know, so your mind can drift off and let you sleep, or listen to the mediation sleep videos on YouTube. They help your mind go to a place of calmness and stress relief for you to sleep.

With all that being said... try to do the things you enjoy doing an do them and enjoy life... really enjoy life.

The waiting is going to be there... just gotta let the time go bye and in the most enjoyable and occupying ways you can.

I hope this helps... but know you are not alone.

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