How do you manage cancer-related fatigue?

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Cancer can often be tiring - both physically and mentally - before, during and after treatment.

And for patients, exercise is likely to be last on the list of appealing activities. According to research, however, physical activity is the best way to combat this common side effect.

But what do you do? How do you cope with cancer-related fatigue? Do you have a particular routine you follow? Is there something you take like a supplement? How do you manage?
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Feel free to share any advice with us here!

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How do you manage cancer-related fatigue?

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@Courtney_J This was a big problem for me personally when I was in treatment but I don't know if I had a routine or anything really official to deal with it. I tried to just listen to my body and give it what it needed when it needed it. So when I was tired, I'd lay down or nap. Not long ones but half hour naps here and there. My doctor told me it was important to try to stay moving so I'd make sure to walk at least 30 minutes every day too. I couldn't really do more than that, just up and down my neighborhood.

How do you manage cancer-related fatigue?

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Same for me too, it sounds like it's counterintuitive, but getting out of the house and moving has helped me a lot. Also ask your doctor to check that your blood levels are ok. I have a friend from the clinic who had developed anemia from the chemo and got a transfusion and then I think iron supplements and it was life-changing for her

How do you manage cancer-related fatigue?

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I didn't have chemo, but 6 weeks /5 times a week radiation.  Along with skin "sunburn", I was extremely tired.  I tried to do basic Tia Chi, which seemed to help.  When I stopped the Tia Chi, all my muscles seemed to seize up and made it really painful to move. Went back to the Tia Chi, and within a few days, all my stiffness and soreness went away.  I may not do a lot of movements, but the few basic ones seem be enough to want to move more.  I still take naps, but not as many, or as long. I think the stretching and slow movements work to counteract with, the medication, radiation stiffness, and tiredness,   There are several YouTube videos that can be followed, and my Senior Center has classes.  I can sit down in the middle of class if I have too.

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