House fire took everything

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I am brand new to this website but I saw on google you can ask for help. I have cervical cancer and live on disability. An electrical fire destroyed my home last night and I lost my cat in the fire. I have nothing, no one, and don't know where to start. My email is [content moderated to protect member privacy] and my cell phone is [moderated to protect member privacy]. Please help

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House fire took everything

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Hi @Caseyanac, I'm so sorry that's happened to you, I imagine that it's beyond devastating. I've taken the liberty of moderating your email address and phone number to protect your privacy, feel free to share it with others via private message instead of on the forum.

Can you tell us what area you're in? Maybe there are some local resources that others can recommend? Have you tried reaching out to your local Salvation Army or Red Cross? They have a few disaster resources that may be of help to you.

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