Cancer: thinking about the end of life

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Does anyone on here ever wonder / hope you will make it thru the holidays? Maybe it is just me being selfish .Both my parents and brother passed at christmas holiday time and I am so scared I am gonna do the same and I don't want to add that to my children and grandchildren .It is actually my favorite time of year and I have gotten so much decor for this year and with the way I have been feeling I am hoping to be here. Stage 4 nsclc w/ mets. Will be 5 years in Sept I think if I make it . Sorry to bother all just wanting to talk and maybe feeling selfish some .

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Cancer: thinking about the end of life

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@grandma of 15 Hi, I understand your loved for the holidays. It's such a wonderful time. I think anyone going through cancer, especially in an advanced stage like yours is allowed to be as selfish as they want. And for the record, I don't think you're being selfish at all wanting to enjoy the holidays. 

My husband also went through lung cancer, but not as advanced as yours, and he really struggled with his mental health in treatment. Even though he wasn't near terminal, he got caught up a lot in the "what ifs" and "worse case scenarios." For him actually getting things in order and planning for end-of-life just in case gave him a sense of purpose and peace through all he was going through.

The human mind and body are truly amazing, if you want to be here for the holidays, you will be! Stay strong, you are a fighter! 


Cancer: thinking about the end of life

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@grandma of 15 I agree with Lori, I think you are allowed to think about yourself and your needs and wishes through all of that. Sending you love and good thoughts. 

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