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@Somya.P My neurologist gave me a script through the state dispensary for aid with sleep. It helps with sleep. The script is for low dose THC, so it aids with minor pain. I have learned through my trials of product that CBD gummies help with sleep, but not pain. In my state, CBD gummies can be bought at local corner stores.

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@HelloKitty I started taking kratom when I was diagnosed with cervical dystonia, it means I have constant pulling of my neck and shoulder muscles. Botox is the primary treatment , 6 to 8 shots targeting muscles but its hit and miss. I told a friend about this and he told me about kratom, so I went to a kratom shop and talked to the owner. He learned I was an Army Veteran and sold me some capsules. Unbelievable the kratom knocked out the pain and relieved some of the spasms and pulling that was 5 years ago, and I am still taking it for chronic pain. I have found the vendors to trust and a fbook website to share experiences with others. Like all things kratom must be handled with common sense, and reading info on the web helps educate us all. IT IS THE ONLY THING THAT HELPS WITH MY CHRONIC PAIN

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Yes I agree. Im on morphine and Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen and yours as well. I have some others also. If I want to work in the back yard, I am sleep mode if I set down. The next morning and at night is paying with great pain. Its a hard road in many ways. We have to keep going best as we can. Have a smile and good day to you. I have the stimulator too.

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