Blood pressure measurements: sitting or lying down?

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I hope this question isn't too basic, I've just started taking care of my dad who has high blood pressure. I'm new to this. I've noticed that there's a difference in his measurements between when he's sitting and lying down.

For example:

- 2 measurements while lying down: 120/75, 125/80

- 2 measurements sitting: 110/73, 115/75

So I'm often not quite sure if his BP is high or not. Does anyone have the same problem? What position should I be taking it in? 



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Blood pressure measurements: sitting or lying down?

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@JudyMoody Hi Judy,  blood pressure varies all the time, sitting or lying down. The new research from the cardiologist says that you should do your BP 3 times in succession with a minute's break in between and only record the third reading as that is the most accurate reading. it doesn't matter what position you do it in, as when they do a patient's BP in the hospital, they are more lying down than sitting up. The normal BP is up to 129/84. In older patients 135/90 is acceptable. 

Does your dad suffer from high BP? Is he on any medication for it? Hope this helps. If you are at all worried about his BP, then you can do his recording 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and evening, preferably around the same times each day for 7 days  and record the lowest of the 3 readings. The next time he goes to see his GP, take the chart with him. The doctor averages out from the 7 day recordings and advises you accordingly. Hope this helps.

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