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Hi everyone, I've finally been scheduled for surgery to remove the pituitary tumor after years of struggling with this condition! I'm torn between excitement and anxiety, because it's obviously a big surgery. I was wondering if anyone can share a bit of what their surgery experience was like so I know what to expect?

The doctor explained the mechanics of it so I guess I technically know what will happen, but I guess I'd love to have someone's firsthand experience to know what I'm getting into? What's the pain/recovery like? Should I do anything particular to prepare for it or to prepare for recovery?

Thanks so much for any replies!

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Surgery for acromegaly

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@Cora52 Hello Cora52, thank you for opening this discussion. That's great news for your surgery! Let me tag some other members who can possibly share their experiences with you.

Hi everyone, how have you been? Have you had surgery to remove pituitary adenoma to treat your acromegaly? If so, what was your experience like? Is there anything Cora52 should know to prepare herself for her surgery?
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Feel free to share your experiences and advice in the comments, we're all here to help one another! emoticon cute

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Surgery for acromegaly

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Make sure you stick with doctors that have experience with your condition post surgical...it can take years for your body to balance out....I started out I hormone replacement  with several deficiencies over 7 years after surgery my body had gradually changed and hormone levels improved some..to the low side of normal in most cases but relieved to get off some medications...every one is different.every surgery different, you need to keep up with your journey....and because what's going on with your body..question anything you think is different..no need to fear..just be aware...God Bless..