Psoriatic arthritis: causes and factors

Psoriatic arthritis is a chronic form of inflammatory arthritis, and is one of a group of spondyloarthropathies.


Absence of clinical markers

No clinical markers for psoriatic arthritis have been identified. Given its similarity with other types of arthritis and the absence of a consensus regarding its diagnosis, medical research has not been able to identify a clear clinical marker for psoriatic arthritis.

Psoriatic arthritis: a factor in psoriasis

A psoriatic arthritis (PA) attack is often caused by a previous episode of psoriasis. Sometimes, the patient has a flare-up of psoriasis on the skin and an attack of psoriatic arthritis at the same time. In rare cases, skin psoriasis occurs after psoriatic arthritis. PA is a joint disease that is caused by psoriasis. However, psoriasis does not trigger psoriatic arthritis in 100% of patients. The minority of patients (8% to 15%) suffering from psoriasis develop or will develop psoriatic arthritis.

Hereditary factors?

An autoimmune disease

Medical research has not clarified the causes of psoriatic arthritis. Doctors know that it is an autoimmune disease that disrupts the immune system, resulting in chronic skin inflammation.

Disruptions in the patient’s environment

An attack of psoriatic arthritis can be triggered by an infection or disruptions in the patient’s environment. Often overlooked, these infections and disruptions in the patient’s life can often be the factor that triggers immune imbalance. Chronic psoriatic arthritis attacks occur each time there is imbalance in the immune system.

Last updated: 11/14/18

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