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Hey y'all, I have a loved one who was involved in an accident and is at this time a parapelegic,T4  - T5, suffered traumatic brain injury, and 3rd nerve palsey along with other injuries.

As their caregiver it was so scary.  We knew about the head trauma but were not prepared for the times when they would get so upset.  This person was so chilled before and now was angry and sometimes almost abusive. Fortunately with the help from a wonderful doctor, and trial and error, we eventually learned how to work together for everyone's benefit.  

I wanted to post this message as I feel that sometimes we focus on the bad and not the good and this post is about hope.  Hope in all things, that we don't know the future, and no offense to anyone in the medical field as I myself was in the industry but doctor's are not God.  I mean this in the most respectful way as you all are our guides.  We come to you for answers and when we hear I don't know we sometimes don't want to hear that and start our search for other answers. I want to help be a part of those answers because eventually we will overcome.

I read Damien's thesis on the brain and was extremely encouraged as I had seen on the Megan Kelly Show a segment of the brain and how it can actually heal itself.  I found it profoundly prabable and am excited to share this information with you.  

Not having a disabled person in your immediate family or never having someone who is paralyzed in your life is like starting over but without a users guide.  There are so many things that are different from door way openings to being able to get into a bathroom. 

I believe in sharing and passing along what I have learned in my life as it may help someone else in their journey. I hope this finds you and enables you to find your path and and reach for the stars cause you never know.  😊

Here is the information I found on the brain and it's healing properties.

The brain that changes itself. Book Norman Dorch

Healing out loud Institute for spinal cord patients. Colorado

Lauryn Malone-Gepfert
Neuropathy functional training
Removing bad verbage to your brain!
Looking for people to treat and heal and help them to walk again

Neuroplastic functional institute
Is classes

Healing Out Loud benevolent portion

God bless πŸ™

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The brain and it's abilities to heal

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Thank you for sharing @naturalremedygurl‍ 

Are those all books listed above? Or some books and others concepts that touch on the ability of the brain to heal itself...

"Lauryn Malone-Gepfert," "Neuropathy functional training,"Β "Neurplastisity," "Kineosology", "Removing bad verbage to your brain!," and "Looking for people to treat and heal and help them to walk again"

If you had to chose one your recommendations above for a reader to read or look into, which would you recommend?

The brain and it's abilities to heal

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I also have had a dramatic head injury have severe seizures and they have caused 2 strokes constantly on life supports

The brain and it's abilities to heal

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@Lee__R hey there Lee, I hope you are having a wonderful day's Friday πŸ€“ 

Sorry I should have been more specific. My bad. But I'm really glad to get this message because I believe in what she is doing, saying, and her results are remarkable.

Lauryn Maloney-Gepfert  works with the body to show how everything is connected and how powerful our brains really are.  How everything works together in creating the healing.

Lauryn Maloney-Gepfert was on the Megan Kelly show talking about the brains natural ability to heal itself. 

This is the book she referenced on the show.  It talks about re-training your brain and how it can be done through these different types of therapies.

"The brain that changes itself". ByNorman Dorch

If you look up Lauryn Maloney-Gepfert on the web you will be able to see all the wonderful work she is doing.

Lauryn has been honing her craft for many years and is sharing her knowledge with the world.

You will find The NFI Neuroplastic Functional Institute. It's her baby an a wonderful place for healing.

Damien who works for this site referenced about the brain and it's abilities in his thesis. It is a very good read and can be found on this site.  I would recommend reading it.

The brain is able and meant to heal by using natural movement.

Lauryn's facility is located in Iron Mountain Hot Springs CO.

Creating the brain body connection is achieved by using different methods like  Neuropathy functional Training, Neurplastisity and Kineosology.

As a caregiver having someone in your family affected by paralysis can be overwhelming at times. When it's your family it gets real personal.  You never think anything like this will happen. 

I believe in options that are outside the conventional process.  I have seen first hand how effective the correct program can be in regaining that loss of motion.

I am so thankful for people who are living and thinking outside the box.

I recommend to everyone to read as much as you can in this arena.  I have actually used the verbaliztion  of my thoughts to retrain my thinking.  Since I suffer from depression I have noticed a change in how I talk to myself.

I hope this is helpful for all who read this.

Have a blessed evening and God bless.πŸ™

The brain and it's abilities to heal

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@Ronnie1950 hey friend I hope this message finds you well.  I am so sorryto hear about your head trauma.

I myself suffer from seizures and have had 2 strokes.  

May I ask what happened? 

I wanted to say hey and let me know that if you have questions, give me a shout.  I think this book would be beneficial.

Take care and have a blessed evening. πŸ™

The brain and it's abilities to heal

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I am new here 

i was run over by a car while walking my dog. I have a SCI, a TBI and an amputation of my left leg below the knee 

the lady who did it was driving Distracted and has changed my life 

please help me find a life again I appreciate it 

The brain and it's abilities to heal

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I’m sorry to hear, so unfortunate. Life is the greatest gift as I struggle each day to live as if it’s my last. I’m sure it must be painful for you emotionally having your life change overnight and I’m sure to others here. Try and live with the parts that’s left and enjoy the gift of life around us. Wishing strength to cope with your everyday life. 

The brain and it's abilities to heal

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@Daisy1979 Couldn't have said it better.  God bless you both πŸ™