Will I ever be able to stop using a CPAP machine?


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 Will i ever stop using the cpap machines? also what about getting an operation . I heard you can get an operation and wont need a machine

Beginning of the discussion - 8/20/21

Will I ever be able to stop using a CPAP machine?

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Hello @Gnorts58‍, thank you for opening this discussion. I think sometimes sleep apnea can feel like a never-improving condition and the CPAP machine can feel like a ball and chain. If you haven't seen it yet, we have a discussion thread about the Inspire implant that you may find helpful: Inspire Sleep Apnea device - my experience. Let me see if any other members can share their thoughts about this!

Hi everyone, how are you doing? Do you all ever feel the same way, like your sleep apnea isn't improving? Have any of you gotten to a point where you've been able to sleep without your CPAP? Have any of you considered getting surgery or the Inspire implant?

Feel free to share your thoughts here!

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