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I've tried many biologics to try and cope with my arthritis but many of them have failed and only have given me side effects. Stelara has been mentioned to me now a few times from a few different doctors. I also have psoriasis which this is used to treat as well. Just trying to reach out to see if other people have seen good results or not

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Any luck with stelara?

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@Camremi I would be interested in learning more about this... is it equivalent to Enbrel? I did a quick research and said it is for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, but also for RA... do you know how it differs?

Just because Enbrel makes me so tired to the point where I can sleep through anything, get tired anytime I sit down to the point I could fall asleep during a conversation.

Any luck with stelara?

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@Camremi I moved this discussion to the appropriate forum dedicated to treatments: "Treatments for RA" forum. I also did a search for "stelara" on Carenity to see if any other members had discussed it. (Members can also use this function located in the top left of the site by typing in a keyword (such as stelara) and clock the magnifying glass.)

I did not found anything where the members discussed in detail the medication; however, I would think it would be likely that out of the thousands of members, someone here does take the medication and will leave some input.

Here are the links I found where it is discussed briefly, so you may want to also leave a comment in these forums / testimonial.

Article where the patient said Stelara "turned her life around." https://member.carenity.us 



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