Under 30 with RA and trying to live life


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I had posted about this before... seeing if there is anyone else out here that has RA at a young age, 30 or under. How do you deal with the discomfort, the pain, and flare ups? Especially when you are young and friends do not understand and you end up losing friends because they are wanting to go out and do fun things, yet you can't all the time.

I also have difficulty focusing at work.

Can anyone relate?

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Under 30 with RA and trying to live life

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Hi @acb0945‍ I am not in my 30s, but I still think I am pretty young for RA. I am in late 40s. Dealing with the discomfort and flareups is a daily challenge, not to mention the fatigue that comes along with the condition / medications. 

I can only encourage you to plan ahead... think about your future and ways to make your days easier/more efficient.

Under 30 with RA and trying to live life

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I just turn 30 I got diagnosed 2 years ago and your right people say they understand or at least they try but they really don’t. 

On my case I least I try to do my best and don't let it stop me. They are days like this past weekend that the pain and fatigue got the better of me. But most of the time I live one day at a time and to the fullest. That’s what we can hope. Listen to your body that's key, take it easy when you have to and keep going when you can.

We are here for you. Even if your closest friends don't understand. We do. 

Under 30 with RA and trying to live life

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@acb0945 Ugh I was diagnosed at 27 and it is SO FRUSTRATING! A lot of my friends seem to think it's "cute" like I'm a "little old lady" and they totally don't get how debilitating and painful it is! My fingers are permanently bent now. I really really struggle psychologically with the fatigue because I'm under 30, I'm supposed to be in the prime of my life, yet I'm too exhausted to do anything. 

How do you guys handle the fatigue and the pain?

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