What do you think about your Psychiatrist? Counselor? Mental health provider?


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Hey members,

Through reading through many of the discussions, it is apparent that one of the most common, and most troubling, occurrences is the lack of finding a good doctor: one that cares, listens, and communicates effectively.

As with every condition, the quality and care of your health by your medical provider is of utmost importance. 

Please join us and share your experiences and opinions on what you think about your psychiatrist or mental health provider and what qualities and characteristics you feel make up a "good" mental health provider?


For example:

Did (Does) he/she explain well, and talk to you about, your initial diagnosis, prognosis, potential symptoms, triggers, etc. regarding your mental health condition?

Did / Does he/she take time to discuss with you about medications, treatment options, etc.?

Did / Does he/she talk to you about activities and alternative methods to cope with the condition?

Did / Does he/she value and listen to your opinions/concerns and address your questions regarding your diagnosis, life with your diagnosis, etc?

Did / Does he/she respond quickly to your calls / emails? Do you feel you can reach out to them anytime if you are going through a difficult period?

What qualities and characteristics do you feel make up a "good" psychiatrist or mental health provider?


Share your thoughts on your mental health provider and the team. Feel free to mention the hospital, doctor, and/or location because your experience and opinion can help others.

Beginning of the discussion - 5/14/19

What do you think about your Psychiatrist? Counselor? Mental health provider?

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My psychiatrist has been great. She seems to genuinely care about me and goes beyond just medication. She asks about my life, how my relationship is, how my work is, and seems to do so with care.

I also attend counseling and it took me to find a counselor who I felt comfortable with, but the counselor I see now also has been great. I do not go weekly to my counselor. I got once a month currently (and when I can once every 2 weeks), but had to slow up because of finances but talking helps me feel comfortable and let ease of my shoulders.

What do you think about your Psychiatrist? Counselor? Mental health provider?

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I currently see a Psychiatrist that is changing my meds around. I'm new to her and not sure what I think about her yet. And as for my therapist I'm not a fan. She's like so....what's wrong with you?  I explained my illness and that I'm also grieving for my husband of 30 years passing 7 mo ago. And the death of my Mom 1 year ago. And she was not too gentle which I feel a good therapist needs to be. I don't need to be babied but I do expect kindness and a gentle spirit. I'm still new to her too and I will still give her the benefit of the doubt.