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hi, not sure it's the right place to post this but was wondering how others cope with lack of sleep.

I've never had sleep problems before, it started during the pandemic, lockdowns and all, then went back to normal for a while. And now it's back again! I've been having a hard time falling asleep lately. I can stay in bed for hours without sleep. No wonder, the next day I'm oevrtired, irritated and literally can't get anything right. I ve aso been getting lots of headaches lately.

I've tried eating less before going to bed, no phone, bath before bed.. nothing works. What can I do to sleep better?

and is it normal that i feel so horrible after a bad night's sleep? please help

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Sleep problems

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Hi @diabetic12

thank you for starting this new thread! Sorry to hear you've been suffering from sleep issues. Hopefully you'll get some advice from our members here.

Take care!