Eating organic: What do you think?


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Hello everyone,

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Environmental, health, nutritional... The numerous benefits of organic agriculture and produce are now widely acknowledged!

But what do you think? Are you for or against organic food? Do you regularly buy organic food? Why or why not?
In your opinion, what are the advantages of organic products and agriculture? Do you think that eating organic food can improve our health?

Feel free to share your thoughts and perspectives on this here!

Take care,

Beginning of the discussion - 8/18/20

Eating organic: What do you think?

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@Courtney_J I like to buy organic products when I can, but I think some of the problem for many people is the price. Sometimes a piece of organic fruit can cost almost twice as much as a regular one! I do think it's better for us to farm with fewer chemicals and pesticides because goodness knows what it does do us, but it's not really financially possible for many. I wish we could do something to make good produce more affordable.

Eating organic: What do you think?

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@jasmine1092 Yeah I agree, I think the price is a big limiting factor. When I was a student I wanted to try to eat better but on a part-time/student job salary I couldn't afford it. I do think it's better though, who want's chemicals on/in their food?