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Is there a program that has a grant fo physical therapy for people with Ms

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Physical therapy for MS

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Hello @Frankieppp‍, thank you for opening this discussion! Let me tag some other members who may be able to share with you!

Hi everyone, do you know of any resources or grants that can help MS patients get access to physical therapy? Do you know where Frankieppp can find more information?

Feel free to share any information or links with us here!

Take care,

Physical therapy for MS

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In Northern and Central New Jersey,  the NJ-Metro MS Society partners with YMCAs for Yoga and balance training.  I found that Yoga got my muscles more loose than the regular stretching that I was suggested to do , by the physical therapist.  Also, some health insurance will cover a certain amount of PT and Flexible Spending accounts can be used to offset cost, if it does not cover PT.

Physical therapy for MS

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@Courtney_J if the person is a veteran or retired veteran they can go through the Veterans hospital or clinic. 
The other way is if the person talks with a nurse or social worker through their doctors office maybe they can direct them. There are free clinics that can direct people. Maybe through community care??

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