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Hello everyone,

We are currently conducting a large-scale survey for patients living with HIV-1 in the US. The objective of this investigation is to learn more about treatment satisfaction as well as the association between HIV symptoms and treatment satisfaction.

We are very interested in the different decisions patients make about their treatment. How satisfied are HIV-1 patients with the treatment they are currently receiving? What could lead patients to switch from one treatment to another?

Our survey is now closed, but a summary of the results should be coming soon!

Your answers will provide precious insight into treatment satisfaction and help improve the care of patients with HIV-1. Respondents will be compensated for their time, up to $50 if they respond to the full survey.

Have a great day,

The Carenity Team

Beginning of the discussion - 4/17/20

Patients’ satisfaction with their HIV-1 treatment

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Thanks, this sounds interesting! If I can contribute in anyway to progress for HIV, I will!

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