Do these symptoms sound like HIV?


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Hi I’ve been looking for a forum/group/discussion everywhere to try and talk to someone with experience. Lately I’ve been experiencing many symptoms that I may have gotten hiv/aids. I’ve been to the doctor and gotten tested twice and still everything shows up nothing but the signs are returning again and again I’ve had no new sexual partners since I seen signs. I seen a lot of you here are very considering and kind. To break down my symptoms they are swollen lymph nodes (groin and under ears on both sides), 2 sores on my private, muscles aches, joint pain, slight rash on elbow, tiny bumps on fingers which have been spreading to more fingers, painful stomach pain, diarrhea (not always watery), peeing frequently, kidneys hurt at times, my pee smells very different after the encounter, and burns after peeing not during, and there’s more, this is just of the top of my head as I’m writing. My question is with all these symptoms. could my symptoms be from hiv/aids?Have you experienced the same before your diagnosis? I feel hopeless there’s not many places readily available for asking questions and as my first time having search for answers I don’t know where to look

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Do these symptoms sound like HIV?

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Hi @Lancepeters‍, thank you for opening this discussiong and sharing what you've been going through. It can be so stressful when you have unexplained symptoms and pain like you're experiencing with no answers.

We shared an article not too long ago sharing Carenity members' diagnosis experiences with HIV that you may find helpful: HIV/AIDS diagnosis: Carenity members tell their story

Let met tag some other members who can possibly share with you.

Hi everyone, how are you doing today? What do you think about Lancepeters' symptoms? Do they sound similar to what you experienced before diagnosis? Can you share any advice?
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Do these symptoms sound like HIV?

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@Lancepeters Definitely go to a different doctor and get another opinion. I had a lot of the symptoms you're describing before I was diagnosed last year. But they're common to a lot of things from like the flu up to I'm sure something like cancer. Try to have blood work done or some other tests to be sure. Hope you're ok!

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