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Hello all. First some background. I was diagnosed with type 1 at age 4. I struggled through the era of crummy glucometers and Nph insulin. I had insulin reactions as a kid, lots of PTSD, and puberty was just brutal. Fast forward to college and I started on insulin pump therapy and never looked back. I now have the latest Medtronic pump with CGM and my A1c sits in the high 5 range. I've never been over 6.8 in my adult life, but the CGM has helped me gain tighter control with fewer severe lows and less bouncing around to extreme highs. I have been married for just over 3 years and we are planning to start trying for pregancy in a couple of months. I'm 34 years old and I always had very irregular periods. Sometimes I would skip many months at a time. I even went a full year without a period in college. My doctor called it PCOS even though I didn't have any of the other features- I'm slim and athletic, no excessive hair growth or acne. My cycles did seem to improve as I hit my late 20s, but were never truly regular and predictable. Then I went on birth control. So for the last 6 years I haven't been able to see what my natural cycle is like. But I've always just assumed I would have fertility issues. Throw this in with the fears and apprehensions about being diabetic and pregnant, and I'm basically a mess. I'm a physician, armed with perhaps too much knowledge to let me sleep at night. The other terrible part of this story is my husband's mother actually told him to dump me shortly after we started dating because "diabetics have a hard time having babies...and they don't live long." So lots of pressure to prove everyone wrong. Thankfully my husband did his own research on the disease and decided to ignore his mother. But it's been a source of contention for me and her for years. I don't feel like I can ever forgive her for suggesting I'm not deserving of the same chance for a happy life and family as anyone else. I'm at that age where it feels like all my friends are seemlessly getting pregnant and having babies, and I'm just feeling nothing but dread and sadness. Anyone else in a similar boat?

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Pregnancy hopes

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Hello. I am so sorry for your husband's mother to have said that. Not right at all, but I have hope for you to have babies. I am not in the boat as you but I have a best friend of mine and him and his wife could not have children no matter how hard they tried. They spent thousands even on in vitro (I think that is what it is called). The husband is diabetic, so slightly different scenario, but they both looked at their lives and sought out what was causing them angst and stress. They cut that out.

The wife left her job for a less paying job and he left his job for a better paying job, but one that he was not stressed out at. They also changed other things, but what they did was cut and changed everything that was causing them stress. They then did accupuncture I think twice a week.

Anyways, fast forward three years and they just had their second kid a few weeks back. Every situation is different, but I hope this helps a bit.

Pregnancy hopes

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@Silky83 any updated on your situation and pregnancy hopes.

I also would like to extend my compassion to you, especially dealing with the comments from your husband's mother.

Did any of the advice given to you by @nestledinSEA‍ help?

Pregnancy hopes

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@Silky83‍ sorry to hear your story. Try and stay strong and know that God will watch over you. 

Love to hear an update. Hope all is well.

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