How can I help my partner battling depression and anxiety?

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Hi! New here. I need some help understanding what’s going on with my partner. I want to make note that this is something I am NOT battling or very familiar with, which is why I’m looking for help.

I’ve known for quite sometime he’s battled depression and anxiety. He was pretty open about it and we would talk. I’d send him things I read would help (doing things outdoors, for yourself, therapy, self help books, podcasts)  so I felt like I was doing my part by suggesting those and just being there to listen.

about 3 months ago he started taking antidepressants and seeing a therapist. Which is great, I fully support all that. But he said the medication brought him down, made him tired. He could hardly move. It turned into him not being able to see me, finding the way to do it was stressful. Then it was “I can’t do this right now”... he told me he felt like he was too focused on our relationship that he wasn’t enjoying time with his kids or just being alone. 
maybe he’s just over our relationship but it doesn’t feel that way. 
anyway. Is this behavior on medication normal? Do I just give him that space until he’s ready to reach out to me? 
im having a hard time with this as well. Crying a lot, wanting to be there but I can’t. And I’m angry he said that about his kids because I didn’t know he felt that way.


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How can I help my partner battling depression and anxiety?

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I think you should give him some thinking space time but don't wait too long because if he's serious about you he'll make u a priority and not an option but since he has issues within you should go and see if both of you can see his therapist about what's currently going on in your relationship to get a better insight on what's going on with him n why etc.

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