How do you deal with a partner who dismisses your emotions?

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I feel so empty inside. I feel like I gave my all to someone who is not giving they’re all to me. He calls me a crybaby and dismiss my emotions. He says I cry too much and dismissed me by putting me down and saying that’s why he talk to other women because they don’t do this . Idk how to feel. But when he needs anythingggg I’m the only one who is there for him. Not because I want to dangle shit it’s because I really love this boy but he don’t love me the same. Anytime I cry for him to just listen he really hangs up on me , say he done speaking about it, I can leave . I really feel used and hurt, I feel like I lost myself and he still has himself . I don’t feel beautiful anymore I lost all this weight due to stress and I feel like he makes other women feel good about themselves but he put me down every chance he gets . It never use to be like this but I feel like he treats me bad like this is bc he don’t love me the same nomore and it hurts to hear him say or talk about another female like I’m not worth it or was having your back for 4 whole years

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How do you deal with a partner who dismisses your emotions?

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Hi @Kiannamurray15‍, thank you for sharing what you've been going through. Let me tag some other members who can possibly share with you.

Hi everyone, how are you doing? Have you ever felt like someone else dismissed your emotions in a relationship - be it a partner, friend, or family member? If so, how did you deal with it? Even if you haven't, can you share any advice or support with Kiannamurray15?

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How do you deal with a partner who dismisses your emotions?

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@Kiannamurray15 Hey Kianna, I’m sorry that you’re having to deal with this. He is a coward, he’s weak. You can follow me back. 

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