Feeling like an emotional monster


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To clarify i have 2 friends and haven't told many people who i really am. I am a monster who causes pain and misery. The last three weeks of my life I've relived everyday of the 29 years of my life. I ruined my relationship with a person who tried to pull me out the dark. She took me in I was broken, knowing my scars and my struggles she tried to give me hope. I watched my brother pass away 5 and half years ago. He committed suicide. I was in the other room I had to see it all. I dont blame him we had horrible childhoods. I used this depression as a crutch and became a evil person. Pushed everyone away from me but the woman who gave me everything but eventually became hostile towards her. I broke her down I put all my pain on her with anger. She left me after 5 years im surprised she put up with me so long, i deserve it. I find myself alone again drowing in a hole of misery i put myself here. I dont know telling strangers will help but its a start. I don't wanna be the person i am anymore. I depressed lonely monster. No need to reply to this not much to say im suffering and its my fault

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Feeling like an emotional monster

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@Dmobb29 Hello Dmobb29, thank you for your message. I'm sorry you're feeling this way. In our health magazine we have a number of member interviews of people living with severe depression. Here's a selection of them that I think you might find interesting:

Testimonials - Depression

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Feeling like an emotional monster

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@Dmobb29‍ hey dude listen i completely understand i know im "still a kid" but i ruin love the same way you do, i get scared that there gonna hurt me and i end up hurting both of us. for some reason i allways do this, its not that i dont trust the guy its just that either i fell like i have to give myself to him sexually or i he doesnt understand me, and what i went through growing up 2 guys i dated to me what went through was no big deal, morel of the story i got pissed and asked him if it ever happened to him(knowing it didnt), he said no. so i flipped out and left him, i loved him ALOT i just didnt want to deal with the fact that he would never understand me and that that would lead to more complications further along the line.

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