Is anyone on the list for kidney transplant?


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Hi everyone.

I am in end stage renal failure. I am waiting for a transplant and the waiting causes much anxiety and depression.

I have been on the transplant list now for 10 months. IS anyone else in this situation? How long have you been waiting for the transplant? What do you do? Are you on dialysis treatment?

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Is anyone on the list for kidney transplant?

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@MICHtom‍ I am on dialysis currently and also on a waiting list for a kidney transplant.

I am depressed being on dialysis, but it is keeping me alive. I have been on a kidney transplant wait list for almost two years... I understand your frustration, anxiety, and depression! It is horrible going through it. I hope that one day there will be a better treatment option for everyone because waiting for a kidneys is a stressful situation.

I was hoping to receive the kidney transplant before starting dialysis, but that did not happen. Are you on dialysis?