Mood and Personality Changes after a stroke ... anyone?

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Hi everyone... I am posting this discussion on behalf of member @KnittingIsFun‍. Please comment and share advice and experiences with her and welcome her to the community.

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"I just found this site. My husband had ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke in late 2017. He lost half vision on right side of both eyes and short term and some long term memory. He gets anxious and loses his temper real easy. These are things he has NEVER done before stroke. He can go from being happy and nothing bothering him at all to everything bothering him and yelling that everyone’s against him all of a sudden. These mood/personality changes are so abrupt. We never know when they’ll happen. Any advice? Anyone else going through something like this? Is there any type of help for this for me to know how to help him though these times?"

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Mood and Personality Changes after a stroke ... anyone?

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@KnittingIsFun‍ Hi I am the wife also. My husband had a stroke 8 years ago. He has made drastic improvements from year 1... And it was definitely not easy. He absolutely had mood changes... and actually his mood has never returned to what it was pre-stroke. The stroke affects the brain, so I do not think we can ever expect our husbands to be the same. It took some work to adjust, but I have come to know that there are certain changes in his personality that he has difficulty controlling. He gets very emotional of certain things, but he every day, continues to try to improve and asks me to bring things up to him so he is aware of his changes/faults.

Mood and Personality Changes after a stroke ... anyone?

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@hubby44 Thank you for your encouragement. 

Mood and Personality Changes after a stroke ... anyone?

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Hi @KnittingIsFun‍ I responded before, here is my recommendations would be to attend his therapy or attend counseling because we hold a lot of things in and a lot various things can set us off and it is not us meaning to but we have had an altering experience. Each person is different in the extent to the brain damage, pain, and time/recovery potential.

Understanding better may help to better relate. I am not saying he should lose his temper or yell... he shouldn't but no person with or without having a stroke should. But if he was not like that before, he has that inside of him still and maybe you can help him bring it back. Hope that makes sense. Happy to help.

I feel I stress my spouse out all the time still.

Mood and Personality Changes after a stroke ... anyone?

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Hey y'all, I am a stroke patient and I know that my brain has changed. I also have a family member that had a traumatic brain injury and was their caregiver so I kinda understand both sides and I can say beyond a shadow of doubt that neither situation is good.

I recently read this article and thought it was quite amazing as I had been looking into different types of "therapy" instead of medication and I found the following information and wanted to share it with everyone.

Damien of Carenity's thesis: plasticity, or when the brain reeducates itself.

I read this article and it hit on something else I had seen on the workings of our brains. I saw Lauryn Malone-Gepfert on the Megan Kelly Show and knew this information needed to be passed on.

There is hope and the thought of hope is good and there is nothing wrong with being positive and having hope.  Unfortunately I witnessed for myself how sometimes people will try to put out your flame of hope.  Never give up your power to anyone else.  We never know what can happen.

I hope this helps.  God bless.

The brain that changes itself. Book by Norman Dorch

Healing out loud Institute for spinal cord patients. Colorado

Lauryn Malone-Gepfert
Neuropathy functional training
Removing bad verbage to your brain!
Looking for people to treat and heal and help them to walk again

Neuroplastic functional institute
Are classes

Healing Out Loud benevolent portion

I think this application could be used for patients with other issues as well.  

Mood and Personality Changes after a stroke ... anyone?

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@KnittingIsFun a stroke definitely has an impact on us... it affects our moods and emotions, sometimes unconsciously. The best recommendation I can give is to offer love, patience, understanding, and encouragement/help when we need it. It sounds simple, but we know it is not easy. We are going through internally challenges that we may not always voice or be able to do so. Also still know that your husband is still recovering even though it has been almost two years.

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