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Celiac disease can be a difficult disease to diagnose because the effects it can have on individuals often varies greatly. According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, there are more than 200 known celiac disease symptoms, which may occur in the digestive system or other parts of the body. Some individuals have numerous symptoms, while others have few, if any, yet still test positive on the celiac disease blood test.

Additionally, while the diagnosis may be made as a child, an adolescent, or an adult, the root cause is still not certain.

Therefore, we wanted to give our members a voice:

What were the initial symptoms you experienced prior to your diagnosis with celiac disease?

Were you diagnosed as an adult, adolescent, or child?

Beginning of the discussion - 5/30/19

What were the initial symptoms you experienced prior to diagnosis?
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my spouse is diagnosed with celiac disease. Her early symptoms were bloating and gas. It was pretty constant... she also felt constipated to the point where she could not go to the restroom.