Breast cancer and loss of 'femininity'

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Does anyone else feel like breast cancer has affected your feminity? I’m on a chemo pill called anastrozole and I feel like a sort of remorse... My body has aged a lot through my treatment. Can anyone else relate to this?

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Breast cancer and loss of 'femininity'

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Hello missbeautiful describes? Have you ever felt less "feminine" or that the treatment has taken a toll on your body? If so, how did you deal with these feelings?


Don't hesitate to share any words of advice or support with us here!

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Breast cancer and loss of 'femininity'

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hi mossbeautiful, I can totally relate. My body image, my femininity, everything was affected by cancer and treatments. Some days I'm coping, other not so much. Therapy helps, in my case. I don't know what I would do without it.

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