Breast cancer and exercise

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My doctor keeps telling me that exercise will help me feel better while in treatment, but I just don't know... Does anyone else exercise? What kind of things do you do? I'm not sure how much energy I have and what kinds of things are "safe" for us...

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Breast cancer and exercise

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Hi @missbeautiful‍, thank you for opening this discussion!

Hi everyone, how are you doing? 

Has your doctor recommended that you exercise? For those of you in treatment, are you able to exercise? If so, does it help you to feel better? What kinds of things do you do?

Take care,

Breast cancer and exercise

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They always recommend to exercise, even if it’s just walking around. But I must admit, it is difficult. Listen to your energy, your body. Remember that you are convalescing so take baby steps and see how your level of energy react. Exercising is supposed to give energy, not depleting it. And forget how you performed « before ». Listen to yourself in the now!

Stretching is a must to retrieve the amplitude of movement most of all for the arm on the side of the surgery, always listening to your body!

Find a comfortable rythm and augment or diminish as needed.

Take care!

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