Asthma in the summer: How do you manage it?

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Hello everyone,

How are you today? emoticon cute Now that summer is here, I thought I'd open a discussion for us to talk about asthma in this sunny season! emoticon sun

Do you find that your asthma is worse in the summer months? Does the summer heat, allergens, air pollution or humidity aggravate your asthma? What do you do to cope? Do you have any tips for preventing asthma attacks in the summer? Feel free to share here!

Take care,

Beginning of the discussion - 6/29/20

Asthma in the summer: How do you manage it?

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@Courtney_J I definitely have a harder time with asthma in the summer. I used to live on the east coast, and the humidity + heat would nearly kill me every year. Fortunately in California I escape some of that humidity but we've still got the heat and that with the pollution is really hard on my lungs. In the summer I try to take all the activities I love to do outdoors in the California sunshine indoors. My husband and I like to play tennis together so we tend to stick to indoor courts then. And then when we go to the pool I try to stay in the indoor section or under an umbrella.

Asthma in the summer: How do you manage it?

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@asth89 Ugh I have problems in both seasons. If it's too cold or too hot I struggle. 

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