Boosting your self-confidence with the help of sophrology

Published Dec 30, 2023 • By Ingrid Fournier

Sophrology can help people boost their self-confidence by developing their self-awareness and personal resources.

In this article, sophrologist Ingrid Fournier shares some exercises that will help you be more confident in yourself and take better care of your body, which is often damaged by chronic illness. 

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Boosting your self-confidence with the help of sophrology

Sophrology can help you boost your body confidence 

The end of the year can bring out fatigue, stress and lack of energy. We often reflect on our actions and behavior over the past year and this can make us feel discouraged.

In addition to that, when we suffer with a chronic illness, our body is very often damaged, devalued and even resented. The pain we feel invades our whole body and mind, and our self-image can thus become negative.

At such times, we may feel lack of self-confidence to carry out our everyday activities, often out of fear of failing.

We are no longer aware of our abilities and strengths. We lack self-confidence.

What is the difference between self-confidence, self-esteem and self-affirmation? 

Self-confidence means recognizing and being aware of your own skills. It is largely the result of our actions. This confidence is built on our successes and failures and enables us to act without fear of failure or of the way others look at us.

is the recognition of one's own worth. It is the feeling of being likeable and respectable that comes from self-assessment (what am I worth?) and from what others think of us (how much do other people like me?).

is the ability to express one's own values and skills, but also to stand up for one's rights. It is therefore a social behavior, intimately linked to self-esteem and self-confidence.

Having confidence in one's own body is an important part of self-esteem.

How can sophrology help you boost your self-confidence and your body confidence? 

Rediscovering the sensual and sensory experience of our body means we can once again take control of our lives and the experiences we go through. It means being able to acquire a new vision of things and enrich our possibilities of existing.

In sophrology, the principle of integrating the body scheme is fundamental. It is a personal representation of everything that makes up a person: the physical envelope, our senses, emotions, intuition, values, etc.

It is about representing your body, but also feeling it, experiencing it as it really is. Accepting your body and the image you have of it.

Sophrology can enable us to rediscover pleasant feelings and sensations. Breathing exercises and muscular relaxation will encourage the emergence of senses, feelings and various phenomena in our body, without the aim of achieving a certain level of performance. These may be the feelings of warmth, tingling, coolness, a feeling of relaxation in certain parts of the body, etc.

Sophrology exercises help structure and clarify our body scheme, naturally improving our self-image and boosting our self-confidence and self-esteem.

Rediscovering our abilities, resources and our potential gives us a feeling of inner security, which in turn increases our confidence and helps us develop a better awareness of our body.

Self-confidence is a vast and fascinating subject. As you will have realized, having confidence in yourself and your body is the key to personal and professional growth. Knowing and believing in your abilities will spur you on to take action and make decisions that will help you cope better with the events in your life.

What sophrology exercises can you do to boost your self-confidence? 

The exercises I'm sharing today will help you get back in touch with your body and your feelings.

A sensory awakening to reconnect with your 5 senses

This exercise allows you to refocus on your 5 senses and their functions by becoming aware of your sensory capacities. Your body is not just about pain, illness and fatigue. It can also be a source of pleasure, allowing you to see, hear, touch, taste and smell!

You can try this exercise outside, for example on your way to work, on your way to the shops or during a walk. Live this moment fully and consciously, without judgement or analysis. Take the time to look at things around you, listen to the sounds and noises, and practice smelling the odors and scents. How does the fresh wind or sun feel on your face?

Your body is not just about pain, illness and fatigue. 

The mirror exercise to better appreciate your body  

The purpose of the mirror exercise is to look at your body without judgement, to become aware that you exist and to boost your self-confidence.

Place your hands in front of you and use them as a mirror into which you will project each part of your body in order to better perceive its size, become aware of its existence and of the sensations you feel in different parts of your body.

Your body is there, accompanying you, so take a few moments to have a good look at it.

An imaginary walk to regain courage and confidence

This imaginary walk will help you regain your courage, enhance your natural presence and feel more confident.

I'm going to invite you to imagine two beautiful, majestic felines (tigers, lions, panthers, leopards, etc.) by your side, who will accompany you on this imaginary walk. 

In moments of doubt or lack of self-confidence, you can remember this walk, close your eyes and imagine your two felines at your side and feel the pride and confidence once again, and relax.

The neck exercise to learn to assert yourself

The neck exercise allows you to assert yourself by moving your head as if to say yes or no. You will also be able to see how mobile and supple your neck is, release tension in your neck, relax your throat muscles and your shoulders.

Becoming aware of your mobility will enable you to become aware of your ability to move your body freely, and to trust it.

Stretching your body - Relaxing, becoming aware of your body's density and mobility

If you need to relax your whole body, this exercise is just perfect! You will be able to become aware of its density and increase its mobility

It is important to get back in touch with yourself, and this exercise allows you to feel your body as a whole.

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Author: Ingrid Fournier, Sophrologist

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on 1/18/24

Thank you for this article. I am always looking to boost my self confidence, self esteem, and self affirmation. This is a new understanding that may help.

Something I do not understand is why this continues to be a struggle for me as I am now in my 50's. Seems like I could have better control by now.

on 2/17/24

Yes, thx for article. Likewise, @kisslamarre I always try to increase my self esteem. I also am in late 50's & wonder why I don't have more self esteem &/or control. Having autism is an explanation but not excuse. Well wishes.

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