What is your Sjögren's syndrome story? Let's share!


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Hello everyone,

How are you doing today? emoticon cute

I thought I would open this discussion so that we could all get to know one another better!

So, let's talk about your experiences with Sjögren's syndrome! How and when were you diagnosed? What symptoms did you have before your diagnosis? How long have you had it? How are you doing today? Feel free to share here!

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Beginning of the discussion - 10/17/20

What is your Sjögren's syndrome story? Let's share!

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My first appt the Dr told me I had fibromyalgia because I am a woman and I worry. After I left I called my primary doctor and said get me a new doctor. I was convinced to go back.  Then about a week later i got a letter and brochure stating I have Sjogrens. If I had questions, I needed to call and make an appointment. I freaked out as I didn’t know what he was testing me for. So went to my next appointment determined to get answers. The whole the doctor talked about passed presidents and which one was better. I left and demanded a new doctor. I’ve been with my new doctor for about 15 years now and wished I had her from the beginning.