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Hello all,

I hope you're staying safe through all of this. I was wondering if anyone has had any success changing their diet for their PA? I've been really going through it recently so I thought maybe if I changed up what I'm eating it could help.

Are there any foods to avoid or that I should be eating? Like something strong in vitamins, maybe? I know generally that I should be eating healthy, but what kind of food? Fruits and vegetables, ok, but which ones? I imagine there must be some things that aren't good for PA?

Hope this isn't too broad a question, I'm just a bit in the dark on this. ?

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PA & Diet

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@Starke Hello Starke, thank you for starting this discussion. Let me tag some members who can maybe share their experience and advice on diet.

Hello members, I hope you're well. Have you changed your diet to help treat your psoriatic arthritis? Has it helped you at all? Which foods do you enjoy and which foods do you avoid? Feel free to share any tips or advice here!


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PA & Diet

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@Starke I've heard that Omega-3s are good for joints and things, so I think in fish and nuts and things.

PA & Diet

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@Starke I think there's not much official evidence pointing to diet helping psoriatic arthritis, but it seems to me that an anti-inflammatory diet makes sense and personally I've felt results from it. If there are foods that inflame the body, eliminating them should help, right? I did a pretty severe diet for a time where I tried to eliminate inflammatory foods like red meat, sugars, dairy, etc. It was very difficult to adjust to at first but now I'm pretty used to it, and today there are so many plant-based things and meat alternatives it's gotten easier. I try to avoid sugars, processed foods and all of that, but I don't worry about indulging from time to time when I want to. It's all about balance.