What are the chances of my prostate cancer coming back?


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Two years ago PSA 26 , 48 radiation treatments two years hormone treatment PSA staying less than 0.01 . Looking good. My question is, while all is well, after hormone completion what are the chances of my cancer coming back? That said , for the most part I have sailed through this with minimal issues and the compromises in which I have Experienced is well worth the payoff.   I made the choice to not tell any family members nor friends that I have fought prostate cancer thus , no support what so ever, but I’m not the type that needs support.  I also feel that my attitude has been very good. Thank you for allowing me to share and I hope all are doing well ?

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What are the chances of my prostate cancer coming back?

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@GaryHunter Hello GaryHunter, thank you for opening this discussion and sharing this great news with us! That's amazing that you've been so strong through it all. Let me tag some other members who can possibly shed some light on your question.

Hello everyone, how are you doing today? Do you know what the likelihood is of a recurrence of prostate cancer after initial treatment and hormone therapy? Have any of you experienced a recurrence? How are you doing now?

Feel free to share any thoughts or experiences here!

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What are the chances of my prostate cancer coming back?

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@GaryHunter Hi man, sorry I didn't catch this earlier. That period before the holidays gets crazy. How long ago were you diagnosed? I'm far from an expert because I'm only about a year or so from diagnosis, but I've read in places that the around 40% of people have a recurrence, but that the 5 year survival rate is really high. Kudos to you for doing it alone!

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