Should I mention to my doctor that I take anti-depressants?

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Another question. I’m seeing an MS specialist for one more opinion of my symptoms and MRI. I just feel like I “know” it’s ms. I wish I didn’t feel this way. I’m a nurse practitioner which makes matters worse. I’ve just been going down hill.

My question is, would it be wise to not mention my antidepressants I use until after we discuss everything else? I have seen 2 neuros. One said she was 90% sure it was MS but when my LP came back negative she said it’s not and we will retest in 6 months. Even with all of my symptoms andmy characteristic MRI.

Another neuro said that my “MS hug” is definitely shingle lol. On testing, no shingles. And he said my other symptoms are all vitamins and weight loss surgery. And my abnormal brain MRI is from Migraines- (I don’t have headaches). But he was VERY Interested in my antidepressant use. I’ve been well controlled with my antidepressants for about 5 years. No change. I lost my sister in 2011 and that’s just tough so they were necessary.

I’m just wondering if it’s easier to just not mention it so they have no preconceptions. I don’t want to be untruthful but I definitely don’t want to be judged either. Today I’m just doing worse with bad left hand tremor and left arm weakness, forgetting everything, Trouble typing (even at this moment), muscle cramping, and almost like an internal tremor or vibration. Can’t hold a cup in left hand.

What do you all think about disclosing the antidepressants early in the appointment?

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Should I mention to my doctor that I take anti-depressants?

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Hi @Sillysarah8466‍ I am assuming you are not wanting to mention this because you do not want them to think you are not telling the truth or it is all in your mind? If that is the reason, why do you feel they would think that? You are a nurse practicioner and are knowledgeable yourself on the disease and medicine in general.

I would say be open about everything. Were the 2 doctors you saw before specialized in MS also? Is this the third opinion?

Should I mention to my doctor that I take anti-depressants?

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Would be interested in hearing others opinions who may share a story more similar to yours, but from my point of view, I would say play it safe and be sure to inform them about everything.

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