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I have been sick off and on for the last 8 years. 
I have Multiple leasions on my brain. I go through periods of time where I am so tired I am taking a 4 hour naps then I may go for months and feel fine. My legs are heavy at this time and I have also noticed that the front of my shoes are scuffed up. (Family and friends have brought to my attention it’s because of how I walk sometimes) went to the er because I was feeling an electric shock in my body they look at me like I have two heads! Then come in and say they have only heard of that in ms patients. Please help on what to do. 
thank you

tired and hurting and scarred

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Can someone help!

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Hi Hunsicker

Sorry this has happened to you. 

Right now focus on getting a neurologist with MS specialty. They can help narrow down your options. Be your own advocate, so keep asking questions because doctors work for YOU.

Its not so scary once you can manage it. 

Hope your holidays are great

Can someone help!

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I’ve been sick for years too! My doctors usually think I’m crazy but it’ll like I can feel electricity running through me. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I’m here for answers too