What are your migraine triggers?


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Hello everyone,

Let's talk about migraine triggers! emoticon cute

Do you know what causes your migraines? Is it changes in hormones? Stress? Fatigue? Dehydration? Low blood sugar? Bright lights? Certain odors? Are you able to avoid these triggers? What do you do to cope when they are unavoidable?

Don't hesitate to share any advice with us here!

Take care,

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What are your migraine triggers?

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@Courtney_J Mine is light for sure. Like I've said in other threads, I work in front of a computer all day, so I think that is my main trigger. And then once I'm in the middle of one, sound is unbearable. A pin dropping will send me running to the bathroom to throw up.

Someone got me a pair of blue light glasses for Christmas that I've started using and they seem to be helping? The migraines that I've had in this new year haven't been as severe. So I guess they work? Or it's just the placebo effect haha.

What are your migraine triggers?

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I get mine along with my fibromyalgia from the tightness in my neck and back. I think hydration also plays a part in mine too. 

What are your migraine triggers?

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My migraines come with hormones and stress, The stress causes tension in my neck too. Also weather changes, like the pressure, affect me greatly as well. Hydration too. 

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