How has living with hypothyroidism affected your daily life?

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An underactive thyroid, hypothyroidism, may cause symptoms in the early stages; however, if left untreated, hypothyroidsm can lead to many symptoms, such as weakness, fatigue, and decreased libido; and complications, such as obesity, joint pain, and heart disease.

As a result of these symptoms and complications, one's daily life may be impacted.

How does hypothyroidism impact your daily life? Which symptoms/complications impact your daily life the most?

Does hypothyroidism impact your professional or social life?

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How has living with hypothyroidism affected your daily life?

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Hypothyroidism greatly impacted my life before I got it under control to the point I have now. It was hard for me to go through "daily life" no matter how much coffee I would drink or adderral I would take, my heart could be beating, but my body was tired and ready to sleep. I would become so exhausted that it would be hard for me to function in school... I felt like I was in a constant brain fog. I would try my hardest to function and be "normal," but it felt like a battle I could not win.

I am greatful that I have been able to maintain TSH within the normal range mostly. While it still may fluctuate depending on certain factors, and I will get a bit of fatigue and find myself not eating.