Eye conditions and daily life: questions, experiences, advice


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Hello everyone,

How are you doing? emoticon cute

How does your eye condition affect your daily life? Have you had to change aspects of your life or routine because of it? Have you had to give up activities you once enjoyed? Do you have any advice to share to others living with an eye condition?

Feel free to share with us here!

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Eye conditions and daily life: questions, experiences, advice

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I just had bad exacerbation new lesions and I see double the room was spinning in circles and I became so nauseus.  I went to er they thought it was a stroke then diabetis and after ct scan and mri. they saw so many new bad lesions and put me on 1000 mg solumedral 3 days was gonna be 5 but doing 3 days.  So far doing okay.  was discharged from hospital and have to go back for another infusion.  in addition I have to stop my copaxone and change to more aggressive dmd I think ocrevus will be the next one.  I hope it is good to me.  

I knew the progressive day would come but hoped not this soon.  I am grateful I can walk.

I am a weeeble wobble. and have to use my walker now.  sux