How does CAD impact your everyday life?


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Hello everyone,

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Let's talk about Cold aggutinin disease and daily life!

What impact has CAD had on your daily life? Have you had to change aspects of your daily life or routine because of it? Has it had an impact on your personal or professional relationships? Do you take any additional measures as the seasons change?What do you think?

Feel free to share here, we're all here to help and support one another!

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Beginning of the discussion - 9/20/21

How does CAD impact your everyday life?

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Cad  definitely is a really sickening disease. It destroys your blood , constantly anemic , constantly in pain , exhausted, little support.

It's a emotional nightmare ... No cure , no longer  feeling better. Winter is around the corner and the disease is at its worst. I am in constant prayer for a drug to stop assult on our bodies and mind. 

I have had this know for five years now.  Rituxim treatment s, 8 of them three iron infusions, emergency