Tumeric - Dosage? Do you see Results bc I dont. please help


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Hi everyone,

I take 500 mg of tumeric twice a day as recommended by healthline, but I notice ZERO effects in reduction of pain. I have been taking it for about 1 month now.

Does anyone take Tumeric and see benefits in reduction of pain? What dosage do you take and how soon did you see the benefits?

Please help, would love for it to work.

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Tumeric - Dosage? Do you see Results bc I dont. please help

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@falcons200‍, I know you just posted this discussion, and as we wait for other members' input, I wanted to let you know that a study that analyzed research done on tumeric for pain found that 8 weeks was roughly the amount of time for people to notice benefits, with some studies using as much as 2000 mg/day. However, as higher doses are used, it is cautioned that it may cause iron deficiency in susceptible individuals - but that 2000 mg/day did not show any such adverse effects in iron deficiency. Here is a link https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5003001/


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