Nervous and Scared - could this be kidney failure?


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Hi everyone,

I am 38 and nervous I may have kideny failure- perhaps I am scaring myself, but I am urinating very little, experiencing water retention as my lower body swells, and I am experiencing constant fatigure or tiredness. 

Through my research, it seems to be signs of kidney failure.

I had a UTI years ago, but nothing else I can think of would have cause this. I have an appointment with my PCP in 2 weeks, but I am a nervous wreck and think I need to go to the emergency walk-in, but just cant because of the cost right now.

Any help? Any things I can do to help?

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Nervous and Scared - could this be kidney failure?

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@srchingme‍ I am tagging some members to see if they may have any input or advice for you. I hope everything turns out well for you on your upcoming appointment with your PCP and hope you continue to update us with your status.

Members, do you have any input/advice for @srchingme‍? @Terri324@Merinda@Roddick4864@Joemerrill@gdhfhfma@severin@Allwunz@Sharonomand@jeffrey77@Triumph2974@lisalima@Lindsey@Hdommer@Stacey@Rebecca1976@iizlizap83006@mamatrudo@emt898wa1@Kmangan@edfurr@Deblynn@nro123@jgarcia@Annie2018‍ 

Nervous and Scared - could this be kidney failure?

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I was extremely fatigued, hot, thirsty and couldn't eat or hold anything down. My back hurt so bad I couldn't stand or walk without assistant n I lost 20 pds in a week. If you wait it will get worse, I would go get checked.