What Condition Is Your Child Diagnosed With?


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Hi parents,

One cannot imagine, unless they are a parent, the feeling a parent has when their child is ill or diagnosed with a chronic condition.

It is not easy, and sometimes parents may feel hopeless, desperate, stressed, etc. because they want to be able to help their child.

My hopes our that this discussion generates a place where parents can express their desperation, feelings, and concerns with other parents, and thus, be a sanctuary of some sort.

To begin, please feel free to share what condition it is that your child is diagnosed with and any stories related to their diagnosis, concerns/worries you have, etc.


Beginning of the discussion - 12/30/18

What Condition Is Your Child Diagnosed With?

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Hi there. My 16 year old son has bern diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.  He spent 17 days in hospital in October and has just been discharged from hospital are after an 8 day stay over Christmas.  The medical team prepared him for surgery to remove his large intestine and to put in a bag. He managed to rally with a double dose of immuno suppressant drugs and he's home now. He's very depressed and stressed at the thought of surgery and what it will do to his life. He is an only child and his Dad and I are completely distraught but trying to stay strong and positive for him. We have now changed our diet...gluten and dairy free and he's on UDOs oil..omega 3 6 and 9 capsules. We are at our wits end. Is there anyone put there with a positive story on this disease? I really do NOT want to hear horror stories......I am stressed out enough....I need to hear h8w I can best support my son. Thanks.