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Children are affected by specific pathologies. Carenity accompanies and supports the parents and relatives of sick children to provide them with information and support.


Child Illnesses

When talking about a sick child, we immediately think of childhood diseases such as measles, chickenpox or whooping cough. Most of these diseases can be prevented by a vaccination and are often benign.

Unfortunately, infants, toddlers and adolescents can also be the victims of serious and/or chronic diseases such as leukemia, Ewing's sarcoma, neuroblastoma, etc. Others may suffer from a birth defect or have Trisomy 21, tetralogy of Fallot, severe congenital neutropenia

Support for parents for the well-being of children

When a child needs specific care throughout his/her life or suffers from a serious illness, it also impacts everyone around them. The psychological burden of a child's illness is difficult to bear, especially since it is imperative to keep strong and avoid conveying any anxieties to the child.

Carenity aims to provide you with information about these pathologies (motor disorders, mental disorders, treatments, quality of life, medical research, etc.) and to allow you to exchange with caregivers and relatives of other children diagnosed with a chronic illness in order to obtain support and information.

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