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Hello Members!

Today is World Dyslexia Day (10 October), so let’s open up a discussion to talk about learning disorders such as:

  • dyslexia (a learning disorder that affects reading comprehension),
  • dyspraxia (a developmental coordination disorder that impacts writing ability),
  • dyscalculia (a learning disorder that affects number comprehension),
  • dysphasia (a language disorder that affects speech production and sometimes speech comprehension) and
  • attention deficit disorder (a neurological disorder that affects concentration)

Have you or a loved one suffered from any of these disorders during your childhood? How can we best support children touched by these conditions and help them to thrive in a school environment?

Let’s discuss this together, help each other and find solutions! Your experiences, questions and suggestions help make the community a better place for everyone.


Have a great day,


Lee from the Carenity Team