How can you be confident that food is truly gluten free?


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Hi. I am new to this site and have joined in hopes to be able to find support for my nephew who has celiac disease. My nephew is being raised by mother and father, who are higher in age... long story why... but the issue is y mother told that my nephew's new school does not acomodarte his gluten free diet and that they do have gluten free items, but he has gotten diarreah and stomach pain before after eating some items from the cafeteria even though they say it is gluten free!

So how can you be confident a food is gluten free at a school? at a restaurant? at a cafe?

I am not sure the repercussions from him continuing to eat gluten, even in small doses (hopefully) and not intentionally, but how can I help? How can you be sure foods that say are gluten free actually are?

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How can you be confident that food is truly gluten free?

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For the most part, you can only trust dedicated gluten free facilities. I found that even when a place said a menu item was gluten free I still got sick probably due to cross contamination. To avoid this, I make all of my meals at home. I do not eat out at all anymore and it has made such a difference. Even frozen prepared foods I am skeptical about and try to stick with certified GF foods/brands and naturally gluten free whole foods.

My suggestion would be for him to bring his own bagged lunch. If that doesn’t help they should test him for other food allergies/intolerances that can also cause discomfort.