Stage IV colon cancer with mets to the liver

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I’m currently on my 63 round of chemo. Diagnosed July 2019. Surgery February 2020, colon cancer totally obliterated. It’s the liver mets that just will not go away!!! Tried different chemo, a clinical trial, and now pills and Avastin infusion every other week. 

Has anyone else experienced this?? What was your treatment like? These pills totally kick my butt!! 

Thank you!!! 

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Stage IV colon cancer with mets to the liver

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I know just what you mean. I was diagnosed February 2020 with aggressive treatment: multiple surgeries and chemo every other week. I went into remission for six months but it came back in April 2021. It didn’t go to my liver but I have it in my abdominal cavity by my pelvis. They say it’s inoperable. I get 3 different chemo meds every other week. Recently, I went down to maintenance dose which just means my doctor took me off of one and reduced the flouricil because of extreme side effects. I had the works( hands and feet swelling and burning, mouth sores, nausea, heartburn, and fatigue). I was sleeping a lot and getting tired when I went out. I asked my doctor how to get rid of heartburn and she took me off the steroids and put me on omeprazole.  plus I don’t drink anything carbonated or dairy. That helped a lot. I hope chemo gets rid of the cancer in your liver. I’ll pray for you too. 

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