Information sheet and consent


Information sheet and consent – is dedicated to patients and their families wishing to inform themselves and to exchange information with patients with the same disease. A range of services is offered to registered members of

  • News: a page to follow news and the activity of contacts and community members;
  • Discussion Groups: a page to share and exchange knowledge on pathology with community members;
  • Private Messaging;
  • Health Profile: a page to monitor key indicators of their illness (e.g. physical form, mood, sleep quality, blood pressure, weight etc.);
  • Table health board: a graphical overview of a member’s health profile, based on the details that he/she entered, for printing and sharing with the member’s doctor;
  • Treatments: a page to receive information and advice on medicines, such as their efficacy, side effects and notices of withdrawals;
  • Knowledge Base: a page to share links to articles and videos relating to medical conditions;
  • Polls: the ability to participate in surveys from health professionals.

IMPORTANT: Before becoming a member of, you should be aware of the conditions under which your personal data will be collected, processed, used and hosted, as well as your rights and obligations as a user of services given by
For your information, your email address can be used to identify your IP address and possibly to geolocate you. ELSE CARE SAS is committed to using email addresses only to contact its users.
The general conditions of use of (here) and the charter of good conduct (here) are accessible from all pages of as well as from here. To register as a member of you must give your active and willing consent to all of these conditions. The Terms apply automatically to the use of
As a Member, you agree to receive information, including email alerts, from to help you improve your use of Carenity services and to understand its communities better.

ELSE CARE is responsible for processing personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 1998, collected through the services used by Members of Processing is undertaken to allow you to benefit from the services that interest you and, in particular, for the following purposes:

  • The dissemination and sharing of information and content related to health, symptoms, causes and conditions of human disease, as well as related products and services of potential interest.
  • Communication with other Members of who are affected by the ailments you have indicated for this purpose.
  • Exchanging information and content with other Members, via private e-mail and / or communal areas of, and interactive discussions (e.g. news, discussion forums, private messaging).
  • Enabling you to use health monitoring tools for yourself or (subject to their express and specific consent) your loved ones;
  • Allowing you to participate in research and studies on the basis of your voluntary, active and specific consent and / or to be considered for such research or studies by the bodies for conducting them.
  • Facilitating the execution of semantic, scientific, medical, medico-economic or quality of life studies and assessments, using anonymised data (to prevent identification), by ELSE CARE for itself or on behalf of its contractual partners.
  • Sending you institutional or promotional information via your private messaging page on topics that (on the basis of your voluntary, active and specific consent) interest you.

The disclosure of your personal data, including your health data, is limited to ELSE CARE and those members of whom you expressly permit to receive such data. ELSE CARE guarantees that your personal data, including your health data, will not be disclosed to any unauthorised third party.
In your capacity as a visitor to, or Member of, you are informed that, in accordance with Part II of the Data Protection Act 1998, you have a right of access to personal data concerning you, and to its rectification, opposition and deletion, which you can exercise by writing to the e-mail address

To receive membership services from click below to authorise:

  • ELSE CARE to collect and process your personal data, including administrative and health data;
  • OVH to host your data; and
  • SUPERVISION AGENCY to maintain the website

Last updated: 3/25/20